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"The sudden shift to social distancing, in the beginning, caused millions of people to suddenly chair their environment, their business, and even their social circles. Suddenly, people had to figure out new ways to solve logistical problems great and small. Heath Racela, the host of ‎Quarantine Creatives, shares what he has learned from those who are not only adapting, but thriving in the post-COVID era."

Town Square with Ernie Manouse

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"Ernie is joined by Heath Racela, a TV producer (PBS’ This Old House) who now produces and hosts the podcast Quarantine Creatives. Racela discusses how entertainment and media professionals have adapted to life under Covid."

Houston Public Media (NPR)

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With podcast ‘Quarantine Creatives With Heath Racela,' Willoughby native finds lockdown outlet

“When I launched this show, I thought it had a very short shelf life, because I imagined the quarantine ending and people forgetting about coronavirus and going back to work,” he says. “Unfortunately, it feels as if the virus is with us — and it’s spiking — so we’re going to be locked down for a while longer or we’re going to have to figure out how we safely go back to making TV.”

The News-Herald

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Ben and Erin Napier Explain Why They Love Old Houses So Much

"That's why we were thrilled to see that Heath Racela⁠—who was a senior producer and director of PBS' series Ask This Old House⁠—interviewed the Napiers for a recent episode of his podcast Quarantine Creatives with Heath Racela."

Southern Living

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Erin and Ben Napier Explain How COVID-19 Will Affect Season Five Production of "Home Town"

"Heath Racela⁠, a former senior producer and director of PBS's Ask This Old House⁠, chatted with Ben and Erin Napier for a recent episode of his new podcast Quarantine Creatives with Heath Racela. They discussed some pretty heavy topics, from the Black Lives Matter movement, to the couple's faith, as well as the passing of Erin's grandmother (not to mention, having to see her off during a socially-distanced funeral)."

House Beautiful

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"Heath Racela has launched a podcast where he chats with TV, film, radio, and media professionals about how they have been coping amid the coronavirus pandemic and what they think the "new normal" might eventually look like for the entertainment industry."

Chicago Tribune

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Lights, camera, asters: ‘Ask This Old House’ delivers an instant pollinator garden

"Heath Racela is a smart, young, fresh-faced producer for PBS’s home improvement show “Ask This Old House.” He travels the country to direct a team of savvy, screen-ready tradesfolk who may show up at your house to fix that clogged bathtub or defective thermostat or cracked picture window."

The Washington Post

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"As a producer, Racela's job is to go through all of the emails from homeowners wanting to be on the show – about 2,000 a month – and pick the projects that will be featured on the show. He looks for projects with a lesson to teach that will have broad appeal among viewers, and can be applied to homes across the country."

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

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"Racela coached Bokovoy for a reaction shot after Silva gave her the good news. “You’re excited — you’re getting a new ladder — awesome,” he said. Bokovoy laughed. “That’s fantastic,” she said."

Minneapolis Star Tribune

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